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psd number one by zgaynmalikthis is pretty much a neutral psd that works for basically everything, but works best with music videos. you will need to adjust some layers, but you probably already know that. it comes with a black and white option. if this gets more downloads than notes i will delete this post & the psd so please like/reblog.


Lately, feminists like Annie Lennox, bell hooks and Emma Watson have taken issue with Beyoncé’s sexual openness. While trying to discredit Beyoncé as a feminist, they seem to have forgotten one of the most important parts of Chimamanda’s speech in ***Flawless.

"What does a lady dress like, exactly? And who decided what a lady looks like? What bearing should one’s clothing have on one’s identification as a feminist? This is exactly the kind of misogynist policing we’ve fought tooth and claw against for decades, and to level this line of “reasoning” at Beyoncé is not only antifeminist, it is despicable." (x)

We should also note that Black Women are perceived and fetishized as hyper sexual. Which is why mainstream feminists willingly call Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, and Katy Perry revolutionary and in charge of their bodies meanwhile demonizing Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce.


nice hair, bud.

Demi Lovato: I don't like One Direction haha. I like REAL music. Like Iggy Azalea.
Welcome To New York
Taylor Swift


Welcome To New York - Taylor Swift 





Hey everyone! Over the weekend, a boy I went to high school with was fatally shot. The story of what happened is still being investigated but he, along with two other people, was involved in a shooting in Richmond, VA. Antonio was a friend of my brother’s and he’s been to my house multiple times. He was a great kid and I can’t even imagine the pain his family must feel. The memory of him that stands out most in my mind was the time he helped me up and made sure I was alright after there was a fight in the hallway between two other students that bumped into me and knocked me to the ground. He was always kind and respectful. My brother had classes with him and said that he was very bright. He was a star basketball player and he just graduated high school in the spring. Antonio deserved to have a much better, longer life. His family has set up a gofundme to cover his funeral costs and it would mean so much to me if you could either donate, reblog this to spread the word, or even just pray for his family and friends if you’re religious. 

link to donate

Thanks so much to everyone who has reblogged this so far! They’re still pretty far from their goal and every reblog/dollar/prayer counts.

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